July 2020

July 27, 2020
Join Health Care For All in urging state representatives to ensure access to chronic disease and COVID-19 medications during the COVID-19 pandemic - please call and email your state representative TODAY and ask them to support and co-sponsor Representative Barber's COVID Medication Access Amendment #11 to House Bill 4888, an "Act to Promote Resilience in our Health Care System". 
The COVID-19 pandemic has made clearer the importance of access to affordable medications-from inhalers to insulin-to protect those with chronic conditions at highest risk for complications from the virus.
With many people struggling financially in the face of the pandemic, now more than ever we need to ensure prescription drugs, including those for COVID-19, are affordable without further burdening the state and the health care system.
Improving access to affordable medications for communities of color and low-income communities will support individuals and families that face disproportionate barriers accessing the care they need and are being hit hardest by the pandemic.
Representative Barber has proposed amendment #11 to House Bill 4888 titled, an "Act to Promote Resilience in our Health Care System" that would implement a temporary, 12-month program to reduce cost sharing for 15 drugs identified by the Department of Public Health that are used to treat five chronic disease conditions linked to COVID-19 complications as well as any FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. 
It would also establish a review process for these drugs to ensure costs are not passed on to consumers through higher premiums. A fact sheet can be found here
Please call and email your state representative to ask them to support and co-sponsor the Barber COVID Medication Access Amendment #11 todayto make sure everyone is able to access and afford the lifesaving prescription drugs they need to stay safe during this pandemic