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6 Years Later: Massachusetts Health Reform A Success

6 Years Later: Massachusetts Health Reform A Success

April 12, 2012

This week marks the 6th anniversary of the passage of Massachusetts Health Reform, and we have more evidence than ever that it has been a huge success for patients and consumers in the Commonwealth. We know that Massachusetts boasts the highest coverage rate in the nation with 98 percent of adults and 99.8 percent of children insured. Prior to 2006, a disproportionate number of Hispanics were uninsured with nearly 1 in 4 without access to health care coverage. As of 2010, 96% of the Hispanic population are insured. We know that this means that they are connected to care, as ¾ of those insured report having a primary care provider.

To commemorate this day, Governor Deval Patrick held a round table and press conference to reflect upon the law’s origins, positive outcomes, and place in the national health reform debate. While the panel talked about everything from the political and social climate and events leading up to the passage in Massachusetts, they also touched upon how with continued partnership among organizations it can continue to be even more successful in the future.

HCFA Executive Director Amy Whitcomb Slemmer with Secretary Bigby

Chapter 58 has become the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act, and it is our hope that just as Massachusetts has led the nation and shown that it is possible to provide nearly universal health care coverage and access, the Commonwealth will continue in the vanguard of health policy and demonstrate how to improve the health care delivery system through payment reform. We look forward to working with health care leaders in the state to make low-cost, high quality care a reality.