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Advocacy Makes It Happen: A Reminder From PPAL

Advocacy Makes It Happen: A Reminder From PPAL

September 6, 2011

Lisa Lambert of the Parent-Professional Advocacy League (a long-time HCFA partner and fellow member of the Children’s Mental Health Campaign Executive Committee) posted a blog over the weekend reminding us of the importance of direct advocacy to make change. Lisa broke it down to the three P’s: patience, persistence, and passion.

Without advocacy, finding support and information simply isn’t enough. Advocacy helps get better outcomes for our children and youth. Advocacy brings the barriers and hurts that families quietly deal with into the light of day. Advocacy can change things a little at a time and sometimes, in one large leap. We know that when change is needed, advocacy has a role to play. Change is what advocacy accomplishes, often through a set of skills or strategies. Those skills or strategies are the “how” of it. But what are the basic ingredients of advocacy? Advocacy is composed of three P’s: patience, persistence and passion.

An excellent read and a good reminder of why we do what we do. Take some time and check out the PAL blog. -Matt Noyes