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Advocates Protest Mental Health Cuts

Advocates Protest Mental Health Cuts

December 1, 2008

The economic downturn nationally (and internationally too, for that matter) has resulted in difficult budgetary decisions here in Massachusetts.

When Governor Patrick announced his 9C cuts in October, mental health advocates were alarmed by the scope of cuts to programs for the Department of Mental Health (DMH). In particular, there were dramatic reductions in spending for day programs for individuals with mental health needs.

It was not only the significance of the programs cut (although they are important in helping thousands be full members of the community), but that the cuts taken by DMH were disproportionate when compared with cuts to other EOHHS departments.

A coalition of concerned organizations, including NAMI Mass and MSPCC have banded together in opposition to these cuts. Tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 pm, they are organizing a rally at the Grand Staircase in the State House to stand up for those living with mental illness. At the event, a petition will be circulated and delivered to the Governor.

The rally is open to all those who are concerned about this issue. If you have the chance, come up to the State House and share your support for mental health programs.

Matt Noyes
Children's Health Coordinator