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Also Pending: S.810 - A Step Forward for Health Equity

Also Pending: S.810 - A Step Forward for Health Equity

April 27, 2010

Massachusetts has an important opportunity to advance health equity through legislation pending in the Health Care Financing Committee. Filed by Senator Fargo and Representative Rushing, S. 810 (An Act to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities), establishes a permanent Executive level Office of Health Equity that works to address the root causes of health inequality.

The Office will oversee a statewide disparities agenda by coordinating the activities of both health and non health agencies to create healthier more equitable communities. As health disparities result from a complex set of factors related to environment, education, employment and other social issues; this Office provides the coordinated strategy that is necessary to ensure all populations have equal opportunities for good health.

Everyone suffers when there is health inequality. Lost health care dollars, reduced economic vitality of the state’s residents, and indirect social costs all result from the excess death and disease suffered by too many in the Commonwealth. Moving forward S. 810 is one sensible way for the state to work towards reducing these costs by supporting health equity.
-Camille Watson