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Anti-Reform Thugs Are Here, Too

Anti-Reform Thugs Are Here, Too

August 6, 2009

I had thought (hoped?) that the ugly anti-reform mob thuggery being played out at Congressional town hall meetings for the benefit of the You-tube cameras was not happening in Massachusetts.

Sorry, but it's happening here, too.

Tuesday's Worcester Telegram has the story of the disruptive heckling and vile Nazi imagery being flung at Congressmen McGovern and Neal at an event at UMass Medical School.

U.S. Reps. James P. McGovern and Richard E. Neal were heckled and booed after trying to rally support today for President Barack Obama's plan for a comprehensive national health insurance program.

The two Worcester-area Democratic lawmakers were shouted down several times by people attending a packed “town hall” meeting at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

UMass officials threatened several times to end the gathering because of the raucous behavior, which occurred despite a heavy police presence.

At one point, Mr. McGovern was likened by an attendee to Josef Mengele, the Nazi officer who performed experiments on concentration camp survivors.

This blog post from change.org is one of the best analysis I've seen on the manufactured protests at these events. These protests are not about health care; they don't have particular talking points or issues of concern. As the post points out, they kept on booing Senator Spector even when he agreed with the mob.

We urge supporters of health reform to find out when their local member of Congress is doing events, and show up to support health reform and rational discussion. HCFA will be emailing people in the appropriate districts when we hear of meetings.
-Brian Rosman