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Arnold Defends His Health Plan to Republicans

Arnold Defends His Health Plan to Republicans

September 8, 2007

Click here to read CA Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger's 9/7/07 speech to the CA Republican Party. Here's what he had to say about his health care plan:

"The surveys show that a majority of our own party also wants us to work for comprehensive health care, not stand in its way. My proposal is not a European socialist plan. It's not a Canadian single payer plan that is driving Canadians across our border for health care. My plan is a good faith attempt at a market-based solution. Never in history has medicine ever been able to make such a difference in peoples' lives. And we will be on the losing end of history unless we realize that health care must be addressed."

He should be talking with the Republican presidential candidates as well. Just as much out of touch.