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Better Gruber

Better Gruber

December 9, 2014

Health Connector Board member Jon Gruber was on the DC hot seat today, testifying for hours at an it's-all-politics extravaganza. Even the staid The Hill newspaper said that it was a "circus-like affair." Committee Chair Darrell thought it worthwhile to channel Forest Gump ("Mr. Gruber, are you stupid"). Some even accused the Democrats of releasing the CIA torture report today to distract attention from the Gruber inquisition (examples).There's some good summaries and videos of the whole thing at The NY Times and a good report at The Atlantic.

But we want to highlight this video, where Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) turns Gruber's attention to Massachusetts health reform. This doesn't make up for all the nonsense, but at least we got our due:


(And if you're still in an Obamacare video watching mood, this is more than worth it, too:)

             - Brian Rosman