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The Big Reform Picture -- a Great Overview from Arizona

The Big Reform Picture -- a Great Overview from Arizona

May 12, 2005

Thanks to FamiliesUSA founder, Phil Villers, I just found out about a first-rate exploration of the options for state health reform prepared by the savvy folks at the Frameworkers Institute. This analysis was done with the state of Arizona in mind -- though its findings and insights are applicable in any one of the 50 states. It's a thoughtful and carefully done exploration of the four major options for state health access reform: 1. public utility model (aka -- single payer); 2. employer mandate; 3. expansion and opening up of public programs; and 4. tax credits. No slam dunk for any option -- just a well done exploration of the possibilities and problems with each.

I suppose I should add a big "wonk" alert here. But, heck, these issues are tough and demand serious and thoughtful exploration. Let us know what you think.