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Bookmark this Site: The MassACT Ballot Initiative

Bookmark this Site: The MassACT Ballot Initiative

August 29, 2005

The Massachusetts Affordable Care Today campaign to put real health reform on the 2006 state ballot has a new website that will be the central organizing site for the effort to collect 100,000 signatures over 12 days starting on September 23rd. The address is: www.massact.org

The Coalition includes HCFA, Families USA, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, Neighbor to Neighbor, Coalition for Social Justice, Service Employees International Union, Mass. Building Trades Council, and the United Food and Commercial Workers.

Together, we're mobilizing a volunteer army of 2,000 volunteers who will commit to collecting 100 signatures apiece over a 12 day period, something never done in the 85 year history of initiative and referendum in Massachusetts. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this historic campaign, now's your chance and www.massact.org is your site.