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Boston Business Journal: Champions in Health Care

Boston Business Journal: Champions in Health Care

September 17, 2010

In a well-attended breakfast at the Seaport Hotel this morning, the Boston Business Journal honored twenty Champions in Health Care, calling them the brightest and most innovating people in medicine. Those honored include many close partners and collaborators of HCFA, and we congratulate them all.

HCFA's oral health advocacy program wants to particularly mention Dr. Man Wai Ng, Dentist in Chief at Children’s Hospital Boston, among the honorees.

Dr. Ng and her work with children’s oral health were honored as an innovative piece of the health care puzzle. A key part of her work is educating parents and guardians about oral health pitfalls. She also created an oral health curriculum for pediatric residents to help integrate dental care into overall health care.

“I was attracted t pediatric dentistry because children do not start out with cavities,” Dr. Ng explained in today’s BBJ. “We can shape their preventive health care and their home practices so they can grow up with have a lifetime free of dental problems.”
-Christine Keeves