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Budget Now: Amendments being debated today

Budget Now: Amendments being debated today

April 25, 2017

Yesterday, the full House began the FY 2018 budget deliberation process on Beacon Hill. As the amendment process moves forward, we at HCFA are working with lawmakers, advocates, providers, faith groups, consumers, and other health stakeholders to protect funding for consumer based health care programs in the state budget and to protect MassHealth and other critical pieces of the Commonwealth’s health infrastructure.

[See our complete budget amendment fact sheet here]

HCFA Supports:

  • Investing an additional $5 million in the Children’s Medical Security Plan and directing EOHHS to plan for the lifting of caps on benefits for covered children (Amendment #1077/Rep. Barber)
  • Ensuring that MassHealth CarePlus enrollees continue to have access to non-emergency medical transportation (Amendment #100/Rep. Gentile)
  • Reinstating coverage for periodontal disease (a chronic bacterial infection of the gums and teeth) services for adult MassHealth enrollees (Amendment #439/Rep. Scibak)
  • Restoring full dental benefits for adult MassHealth enrollees (Amendment #419/Rep. Pignatelli)
  • Allocating $500,000 to fund academic detailing, a physician education program on cost-effective pain management medications (Amendment #797/Rep. Benson)
  • Increasing funding for the Department of Public Health’s Office of Oral Health (Amendment #117/Rep. Scibak)
  • Allocating $300,000 for the Forsyth Kids program, which provides school-based oral health care to 1,700 underserved children across the Commonwealth (Amendment #234/Rep. Crighton)
  • Establish the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund as a permanent program with a dedicated revenue stream (Amendment #24/Rep. Vega)
  • Investing $301,500 to expand screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment programs in schools targeted at addressing adolescent alcohol and drug use (Amendment #860/Rep. Khan)
  • Funding and maintaining the successful Mental Health Advocacy Program for Kids (MHAP) that helps children involved with the juvenile justice system (Amendment #351/Rep. Golden)
  • Creating a common application for SNAP and MassHealth benefits to close to SNAP Gap and expand access to benefits for low income residents (Amendment #31/Rep. Livingstone)

HCFA Opposes:

  • Creating a MassHealth Control Board charged with slashing MassHealth spending with no consideration for improving health outcomes for enrollees, no legislative oversight, and no MassHealth member/consumer representation (Amendment #876/Rep. Lyons)
  • Targeting low income residents by instituting MassHealth work requirements, charging premiums, and barring MassHealth eligible workers with employer sponsored insurance from enrolling in wrap around coverage (Amendment #878/Rep. Lyons)
  • Capping MassHealth spending at 30% of the total state budget, effectively forcing massive cuts in state Medicaid spending while only passing savings on to the federal government (Amendment #880/Rep. Lyons)

We encourage you to contact your state representative to express your support/opposition to the above amendments.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Alec Lebovitz