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Budget Prep: House Ways and Means Budget Analysis

Budget Prep: House Ways and Means Budget Analysis

April 20, 2012

Next week the House begins its debate on the FY 2012 budget. HCFA is supporting a number of amendments to improve access to health care in Massachusetts, and we are opposing a number of amendments that would hurt our health care system. Look for a full report on Monday.

But to tide us over the weekend, look at the Mass Budget and Policy Centers analysis of health care access program spending in the House Ways and Means budget that will be the basis for debate next week. Bottom Line:

The HWM proposal includes a total of $12.7 billion in funding for programs that provide health care for approximately 1.5 million low- and moderate-income residents of Massachusetts. This total represents an increase of 6.2 percent over current FY 2012 spending (after taking into account additional spending expected to occur in FY 2012 the increase is 4.6 percent). The HWM budget is quite similar to the Governor’s FY 2013 spending proposals in most areas; the few differences between the two plans are described below [in the paper].

The MassBudget analysis does not include public health spending. For that, you can look at their complete monitor, and look at the budget response of the Mass Public Health Association (word doc).
-Brian Rosman