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California Dreamin' II

California Dreamin' II

January 11, 2007

More on CA Gov. Schwarzenegger's health reform plan and related developments:

Check out today's New York Times article updating readers on MA health reform's progress. NYT pegs enrollment at about 29,000. By our count -- 53,000 added to MassHealth since last July. Over 50,000 have now been qualified for Commonwealth Care and about 29,000 have chosen plans and had coverage commence. All will be covered in the next few weeks putting total new enrollees over 100,000.

Our sister organization, Health Access California, recently started their own blog (welcome to the fray!). A smart, well written taste of CA health access politics, particularly relevant in light of the new CA health access debate. Click here for the site.

Couple of things to note about the Schwarzenegger plan: 1. the individual mandate is a mandate to purchase only catastrophic coverage -- thus lowering the cost of insurance purchase, and also lowering the quality of coverage folks will actually get from the program. 2. the proposal sets a minimum "medical loss ratio" for CA insurers at 85%, meaning insurers must spend at least 85 cents of every premium dollar on medical costs.