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Cardinal does not want to see the state make a “tragic mistake”

Cardinal does not want to see the state make a “tragic mistake”

July 27, 2009

Boston’s top Catholic official asks lawmakers to keep ALL Massachusetts families healthy. Cardinal Sean O’Malley posted this blog about 28,000 legal immigrants who stand to lose their Commonwealth Care coverage.

“The Governor and the Legislature in the commonwealth face excruciatingly difficult choices this week. Final decisions about the budget bring together the fact of an economy in deep recession, declining state revenues and multiple human needs among the citizens of the commonwealth …

A particular issue of concern to me is the possibility that funding for health coverage for 28,000 legal immigrants may be cut in whole or in part. The Church, through Catholic Charities and through our parishes, is in direct and regular service of the immigrant community.

My hope and my request is that a way can be found to sustain health coverage for these legal members of our community. Their resources are few and their support system is always stretched thin. The commonwealth has done a very commendable job of providing health care to the citizens of Massachusetts. It would be a tragic mistake to let these 28,000 members of our community lose access to the precious good of health care.”

Health Care For All is grateful for the Cardinal’s support and we thank him for publicly speaking out for these 28,000 legal, taxpaying Massachusetts residents. We will continue to urge the Legislature to support the compromise package of $70 million dollars and keep ALL Massachusetts families healthy.

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