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Changes coming to A Healthy Blog and Our Website (hcfama.org)

Changes coming to A Healthy Blog and Our Website (hcfama.org)

February 19, 2014

Friends, changes are coming to this very blog and hcfama.org.

We are completely revamping our website. We’ll have a whole new look and feel and we’ll be making it a lot easier to get involved with our community organizing team, share your personal health care story, and connect with our HelpLine counselors directly. That also means that A Healthy Blog will be undergoing some changes to better integrate A Healthy Blog with the whole site. And that means that there will be some changes for subscribers to our blog as well, and we’ll be posting information about that in due time.

We’re not straying from our mission – to provide the latest updates, information and commentary on health care policy developments in Massachusetts from the Health Care For All vantage point. Please feel free to use the comments to give us your feedback.

Stay tuned for more — much more — very, very soon.