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Chart of the Day: CHIA Health System Performance Report

Chart of the Day: CHIA Health System Performance Report

September 2, 2014

CHIA Chart: "In contrast to the previous trend ofpremium increases paired with decliningbenefit value, premiums and benefitlevels remained virtually unchanged, andmember cost-sharing did not increasefrom 2012 to 2013."


This morning, CHIA releases its "Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System." Lots of data to ponder, argue about and draw implications from. The Globe is on the story, with a somewhat negative frame ("Spending on health care rises in Mass / Agency ties increase to outlays by giants Blue Cross, Partners"), while WBUR is more positive ("A First-Year Victory In The Mass. Fight To Control Health Costs").  And there's the Herald, too.

The report will be posted at 11:00 am is posted on the CHIA website, along with a technical appendix, chartbook, and data spreadsheets. Here's CHIA's conclusions:

Conclusion of 2014 CHIA report