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Checklist Redux II: NIH Is Nuts

Checklist Redux II: NIH Is Nuts

January 28, 2008

So last we heard, the incredibly promising quality intervention known as the simple "checklist" had been blocked by a National Insitutes of Health requirement for human subjects review everytime any institution wanted to use it. (Click here and click here for our prior posts on this subject.) Not so, says NIH. Institutions are free to use the checklist anytime they want so long as they do NOT study the results. If they do want to study the results, they have to get permission from every physician and every patient on whom the checklist is used.

We're not making this up.

Today's New York Times has a neat editorial on the subject: "Pointy Headed Regulation." Well titled. NIH turns us all into anti-government screamers.

Some good folks are working hard on this behind the scenes. Let's keep our fingers crossed and we'll keep up updated.