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"Citizens Health Care Working Group" Coming to Boston on 8/16/05

"Citizens Health Care Working Group" Coming to Boston on 8/16/05

May 31, 2005

Here's something new. Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon last year championed the passage of legislation to create a Citizens Health Care Working Group to "provide for a nationwide public debate about improving the health care system to provide every American with the ability to obtain quality, affordable health care coverage" and to "provide for a vote by Congress on the recommendations that result from the debate." Check out the official site for this new group by clicking here. The panel has 14 members, one of whom, Dr. Richard Frank at Harvard Medical School, is from Massachusetts.

The group is beginning public hearings around the nation, and one of them will be held in Boston on August 16, 2005 at a location yet to be determined, with a testimony focus on 1. quality; 2. evidence based practice; 3. the urban safety net; 4. the cost of health care; and 5. strategies to assist purchasers, including consumers, to lower the cost of care.

If we're not mistaken, you read it here first.