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CommCare Bridge Update: Important Information for Nov. 1st

CommCare Bridge Update: Important Information for Nov. 1st

October 30, 2009

As the second phase of Commonwealth Care Bridge enrollment begins, here is some important information that may be useful to you:

November 1st Enrollment
Over 10,000 residents in the northern and southern parts of the state are expected to be automatically enrolled into Commonwealth Care Bridge on November 1st - Sunday. Here’s what to expect:

  • Saturday 10/31 - Monday 11/2: New members in the north & south regions receive confirmation letter from Connector. Click here for a sample letter.
  • Click here for a list of towns in each region.
  • Beginning Monday 11/2: New members can call CeltiCare customer service at 866-895-1786 to find out if their provider accepts CommCare Bridge; if not, customer service representatives should be able to help them find a new provider in their area.

Network Development
Meanwhile, CeltiCare continues to expand their network in Greater Boston, and other parts of the state.

  • Click here for an updated list (as of 10/23) of community health centers.
  • Click here for the most recent (as of 10/23) hospital network.

Please note that the addition of Partners HealthCare sites only applies to existing patients.

Additional Information

  • CeltiCare has reaffirmed their commitment to working with individuals in active treatment. Folks with care care transition cases can call 866-895-1786 ext. 65292 for assistance.
  • CommCare Bridge members will not have to pay co-pays for diabetes medications (insulin and diabetic supplies).
  • CeltiCare has committed to providing transportation for patients seeking family planning services under certain circumstances. They are also working with providers in the Boston area to provide van transportation.

If you or someone you know needs assistance you can direct them to the HCFA HelpLine at (800) 272-4232 or click here for our online HelpLine service. We will post more information on the blog as we receive it. If you have additional information to share, please let Suzanne know at scurry@hcfama.org.

Suzanne Curry
Health Reform Coalition Coordinator