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Conference Committee Budget Eliminates Legal Immigrant Coverage

Conference Committee Budget Eliminates Legal Immigrant Coverage

June 19, 2009

Filed last night, section 121 of the Conference Committee budget for FY10 removes coverage for 28,000 legal immigrants in Commonwealth Care (budget language; House-Senate comparison). The language offers them a mere 30 days noticing before termination. If you've been reading our blog in the past few weeks, you know the many reasons for maintaining coverage for these folks. And if you're new to our site - welcome - here's a few:

    - these Commonwealth Care enrollees are legal, working, tax-paying residents of our Commonwealth, deserving access to services like the rest of our neighbors.
    - this is a counter-productive cut, consigning people to the unmanaged, episodic Health Safety Net for services.
    - the cut will place additional burden on our beleaguered community hospitals and health centers.
    - eliminating coverage will reduce access to care and reverse the incredible gains we have made through health reform.

Today, the morning of our annual policy and organizing conference on health disparities, we ask you to take action. This cut will have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities who have grown to rely on and stay healthy and productive due to health.

We'll have more details on the budget later, which makes shockingly deep cuts in public health, among other issues. Our urgent request today is to please call or write the Governor and ask him to veto this language - to preserve coverage for all Commonwealth Care enrollees.
-Lindsey Tucker