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Connector unveils new Choice site

Connector unveils new Choice site

November 2, 2009

The Commonwealth Connector unveils a new website for CommChoice this month (Check it out here by selecting a plan that starts on January 1st). The new website has the feel of an online shopping experience for a major department store. The revamped website is in response to requests by Board members, (and us), asking that viewers be given more information about the plans that are available. The new site still allows you to review all of your options, but it is laid out in a completely different way than before.

The site includes new features intended to make it easier for people to select their insurance plan. It includes quick links to check online if that health plan includes your doctor, pop-ups defining key terms, and pictures describing priority categories (our favorite is two pills to describe the generic prescription category). This website now provides many of the pieces of information needed to make a more informed decision which were highlighted in yesterday’s Globe story on comparing health plans: Click here to view the Globe story.

Georgia J. Maheras, Esq.
Private Market Policy Manager