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Connector/MassHealth Week 1 Dashboard Shows Continued Enrollment Growth

Connector/MassHealth Week 1 Dashboard Shows Continued Enrollment Growth

November 24, 2014

The state released its first weekly Open Enrollment dashboard today, showing enrollment activity for the Health Connector and MassHealth. 

Connector Weekly dashboard report 11-24-14

The complicated chart above shows both were enrollees are coming from, and where they are going to. Notice that the bars are not to scale.

The programs named on the left side show where the those determined eligible for coverage are going. So, after the first week, 23,792 people have been determined eligible for MassHealth, the state's Medicaid program. Another 12,584 people have been determined eligible for ConnectorCare, the Connector's private coverage subsidy program that includes both federal tax credits and cost sharing reductions along with additional state assistance.

The color of the bar shows where the people are coming from. Those in blue are now in the Temporary MassHealth program, which was set up to accommodate people applying coverage who could not use last year's website. The numbers in pink are currently in the extended Commonwealth Care program, set up under the state's 2006 reform law. The people noted in green are either entirely new to the system (such as recently moved to the state), or are in a regular MassHealth Medicaid program. These numbers will be more delineated in future reports.

The report also shows separately the smaller number of people who are actually enrolled. For those with a premium, this requires choosing a plan and paying the first month's premium. So while almost 52,000 people have been determined eligible (as shown above), so far almost 25,000 have fully enrolled.

Outreach campaign updateThe report also included data on the outreach campaign. The 31,578 doors knocked noted in the chart at right from the report reflects the work of HCFA in the first week. We are working directly and with partners in targeted regions to spread the word about the open enrollment. We're on target to hit some 200,000 doors by the end of open enrollment.

                                            - Brian Rosman