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Cool Infographic on Promoting High-Value Care

Cool Infographic on Promoting High-Value Care

August 10, 2016

When high-value care is delivered effectively, everybody wins. Patients experience better health outcomes, payers save money in the long run, and providers are better able to care for their patients. But the system needs to help patients focus on high-value care.

At HCFA, we are committed to breaking down barriers to high-value care. Our "No Co-Pay bill" would eliminate cost-sharing for high-value preventive care, like asthma inhalers or hypertension drugs. The Health Connector's decision last month to eliminate copays for medication-assisted treatment for addiction reflected a similar approach.

Who benefits from clinical nuance? - patients, payers and providers

The University of Michigan-based Center for Value Based Insurance Design has released a very cool infographic on what they call "clinical nuance" - structuring insurance to promote high value care, and discourage waste and unnecessary, inefficient low-value services. An excerpt is above, but click here for the full infographic

                                                                                                                              -- Mike DiBello