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Doughnut Hole Calculator Helps Medicare Patients Save Dough

Doughnut Hole Calculator Helps Medicare Patients Save Dough

October 13, 2010

AARP recently created a Medicare Doughnut Hole Calculator for its website - at doughnuthole.aarp.org. The calculator takes users through a four-step process to input the name of their plan and their current prescriptions, including dosages and frequency. It then calculates the likelihood that an individual will hit the “Doughnut Hole” gap in Medicare coverage and provides a printable list of lower cost drugs as alternatives to an individual’s current prescriptions.

The calculator is a great step toward empowering health care consumers, giving users both information on their health care costs and alternatives to their current courses of treatment. With this knowledge in hand, consumers can approach their doctors and other providers to discuss options that could save them money and reduce strain on the overall health care system.

AARP’s Doughnut Hole Calculator is available to all, not just AARP members. The AARP has invited calculator users to share their stories in its Medicare Part D online community. If you have used the calculator or have other experience with the Medicare Doughnut Hole, please share your story.
-Elyse Ball