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Enzi Bill to Gut Insurance Protections Dies in US Senate

Enzi Bill to Gut Insurance Protections Dies in US Senate

May 12, 2006

Very good news from our friends at Families USA:

Thanks to the thousands of e-mails and phone calls from advocates like you, the Enzi Bill--the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act (HIMMA, S.1955)--went down in defeat last night on the Senate floor. The Senate leadership needed 60 votes to end debate on the bill--known as a vote for “cloture” in Senate jargon. But thanks to your efforts, the cloture vote failed, 55-43. One Republican, Senator Lincoln Chaffee (RI), voted against cloture, while two Democrats, Senators Ben Nelson (NE) and Mary Landrieu (LA), voted for it. Senators Rockefeller (WV) and Specter (PA) did not vote.

We can only begin to express our gratitude for your efforts in this fight. This bill was a health care disaster in waiting--as we’ve said repeatedly, it would’ve jeopardized vital health care protections for 85 million Americans--and we couldn’t have prevented its passage without your help. Thanks to your repeated willingness to take action, we flooded the Senate with more than 21,000 calls and thousands of e-mails. Your efforts, along with those of a network of national and state organizations lobbying feverishly against this bill, made all the difference in this fight.
There is a small possibility that this bill could rise from the dead to haunt us again. We’ll be watching closely and alert you if it does. But for now, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!