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Equal Time (sorta): McCain Pushes Back on Health

Equal Time (sorta): McCain Pushes Back on Health

October 23, 2008

The McCain campaign just started replying to Obama's overwhelming assault on health care. The Politco's GOP blog reports on a new radio ad airing in battleground states. Here's the audio, from the Politico:

Here's the text of the ad, which attacks both Obama and "Congressional liberals" so that the RNC can pay for part of the cost.

Announcer (Woman): Independent analysts say Barack Obama’s scaring seniors…
Falsely attacking John McCain on Social Security and Medicare.
He’s trying to hide that his health care plan limits patient choice and rations care.
And experts predict 50 million employees will lose their health coverage.
Scaring seniors… false attacks… Obama… not ready to lead.

Announcer (Man): Congressional liberals support government-run health care.
Congressional liberals want bureaucrats, not doctors, to control your care.
Bureaucrats will decide what health procedure you can get …
And, when you get it.
Congressional liberals pay for it with new income taxes, payroll taxes, a tax on your stock transactions.
That’s a plan for tragedy.
With Barack Obama and congressional liberals …
Big government health care is on its way.

McCain is also using anti-Obama health messages in some robo-calls, according to bloggers. "Hello, I am calling for John McCain and the RNC because Barack Obama and the Democrats have jeopardized Medicare and Social Security with their proposed massive government takeover of health care and will be reducing access to doctors and slowing development of lifesaving drugs," was the reported script.

In other news, the Politico also reports today that Obama has now devoted 68 percent of his total advertising budget this year to ads that include health care themes, while McCain has devoted 13 percent. So far in October, health has been the subject of a whopping 86% of Obama's ads, spending $48.5 million. For McCain, the October figure is just 1.5%.

Outside groups are also spending money on the health issue. The Hill reports on the AARP and the Health Care For America Now coalition campaigns. And there's this pro-Obama ad by the Firefighters union, running is key states:


For us, this matters because a key question is whether this attention to health care will translate into an increased mandate for legislative action on health reform next year. What do you think?
Brian Rosman