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FactCheck.org slams down Beacon Hill Institute "RomneyCare Lost Jobs" Study

FactCheck.org slams down Beacon Hill Institute "RomneyCare Lost Jobs" Study

September 29, 2011

The factcheckers at FactCheck.org are continuing to debunk the bunk.

When the Rick Perry campaign started picking up the illogical conclusions of the latest Beacon Hill Institute study, the issue started getting national attention. The FactCheck.org reporters started checking around, and found an inconvenient fact:

Massachusetts’ unemployment rate mirrored the nation’s back in April 2006, when the law was enacted — 4.8 percent for the state compared with 4.7 percent for the nation. But the state has fared better than the U.S. overall since. Its rate is now 7.4 percent, compared with 9.1 percent for the country. Of course, the Beacon Hill study claims the state would be doing even better.

They got the study's authors to admit that their projected job loss figure that got all the headlines is just over half a percent of all jobs in the state, and that a survey methodology would be more accurate than just projecting based on a line on a chart. Mike Widmer of Mass Taxpayer's Foundation said it best:

"Widmer also doesn’t buy the Beacon Hill study. “There is no evidence to conclude that Massachusetts health reform has cost jobs,” he said.

Case closed.
-Brian Rosman