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Full Plate at DOI

Full Plate at DOI

March 6, 2011

Last summer's Chapter 288, the small business and individual health insurance cost containment law, imposed a truckload of new regulatory duties on the Division of Insurance (DOI). DOI is now in the final stages of its implementation efforts, with lots of hearing on tap.

Last Monday, the DOI held a hearing on small group rate filings, rate adjustment factors, and eligibility and open enrollment for individuals (proposed regulations (pdf)).

There will be four more hearings coming up on Chapter 288 regulations:

  • March 14: Health Benefit Plans Using Selective, Regional or Tiered Provider Plans. The proposed regulation establishes uniform requirements for marketing, advertising and consumer disclosures for health benefit plans using selective, regional or tiered provider networks in the Commonwealth.
  • March 15: Certified Group Purchasing Cooperatives. The proposed regulation governs the establishment and oversight of small business purchasing cooperatives in the Commonwealth.
  • March 16: Registration and Reporting Requirements for Third-Party Administrators. The proposed regulation governs the registration and reporting requirements applicable to third-party administrators, including pharmacy benefit managers and other entities with claims data, eligibility data, provider files and other information relating to health care.
  • March 18: Nongroup Health Insurance Rate and Policy Filings, Review and Hearing Procedures. The proposed regulation governs the form and content of rate and policy form filings, review, and hearing procedures for closed nongroup health plans and closed guaranteed issue health plans.

More details are available on the DOI News & Updates Archive.

HCFA testified orally and submitted a written comment for this Monday’s hearing and will be testifying and submitting written comments for the four remaining hearings. Other groups can also comment, by filing a Notice of Intent to Comment by email at doidocket.mailbox@state.ma.us or by mail.
-Jekkie Kim