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Globe Calls Attention to the Importance of Water Fluoridation

Globe Calls Attention to the Importance of Water Fluoridation

September 30, 2010

“Massachusetts, the birthplace of public health, has long led the nation in disease-fighting crusades, vaccinating children at high rates and crafting antismoking campaigns exported around the world. But it ranks 36th when it comes to providing residents with fluoridated water,” a recent article in the Boston Globe reports.

Community water fluoridation is a safe and effective preventive measure that can easily be added to public water supplies. Fluoride keeps tooth enamel strong and prevents tooth decay and the serious problems that occur with dental infections. With an average cost of $.50 per person per year, water fluoridation also saves millions in dental treatment and insurance costs.

As the article explains, some groups have fought fluoridation in their community under the misconception that there are health risks associated with fluoridation. However, sixty years of scientific research show overwhelmingly that there are no health risks associated with the consumption of optimally fluoridated water. Over 170 million people have been drinking fluoridated water for over 60 years. Trusted community and professional health authorities such as the US Surgeon General, the American Medical Association, The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Cancer Society, and the American Dental Association recognize the public health benefits of community water fluoridation.

In order to keep our communities healthy, people all across the Commonwealth should have access to this safe, cost-effective preventive measure. To learn more about how to stand up for oral health, visit www.hcfama.org/oralhealth.
-Christine Keeves