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Good News from WCVB Channel Five on the Working Uninsured

Good News from WCVB Channel Five on the Working Uninsured

April 7, 2005

Everyone hears lots of criticism about the state of local television news, much of it well deserved. So it's worth noting when a local TV station goes above and beyond the call of duty in digging into a complex and difficult public policy issue such as health coverage for the working uninsured. So it's only right to issue a strong and sincere compliment to WCVBTV Channel Five for an indepth and serious look at the problems of real Massachusetts residents struggling for affordable coverage, as well as a serious look at various policy solutions.

Dr. Tim Johnson and Natalie Jacobsen put in lots of time and effort into making this a serious and worthy series and they succeeded admirably, topped off by a town meeting on Wednesday evening, attended by Gov. Mitt Romney and many members of the Mass. Health Reform Coalition, including a large contingent from the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.

For access to transcripts of the weeklong series, please click here.

For information on Gov. Romney and Sen. Travaglini's plans, please check out HCFA's Health Reform home page. I'll have more comments on both plans over the next few days.