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Governor Opens Up Health Budget

Governor Opens Up Health Budget

June 30, 2009

Kudos to the Governor and the Administration and Finance staff for the very informative "Health Care Policy Brief" issued along with the budget signing and vetoes today.

The document has full details of the spending levels approved for MassHealth, Commonwealth Care and the Health Safety Net. For the wonks among us, there are detailed spending charts and savings assumptions. It also explains the administration's reasoning behind the proposal for the legal immigrants proposed to be cut from Commonwealth Care.

Back in the old, old days, when I used to work at the Senate Ways and Means Committee, we used to produce a detailed book with narratives explaining each of the budget allocations, agency by agency. That went away in the mid 90s. It's good to see the Governor making more information available to the public.

Listen to excerpts from the Governor's speech.

-Brian Rosman