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HCFA Announces: One Care Ombudsman

HCFA Announces: One Care Ombudsman

March 3, 2014

Today marks the opening of HCFA's role as part of the One Care Ombudsman office.  As part of Health Care For All’s HelpLine team, I will provide information, education, and advocacy to individuals participating in a One Care plan—a new demonstration project that will coordinate care for individuals with disabilities. There are three Integrated Care Organizations contracting with One Care. Network Health’s Unify Program, Fallon Total Care, and Commonwealth Care Alliance plans are available to approximately 90,000 individuals located in nine Massachusetts counties. In order to qualify for One Care, you must be eligible for both Medicare and MassHealth as an individual with a disability.

With One Care, participants actively guide their health care needs by working with a team of health professionals and a care coordinator. Flexibility is key! Enrollees can access care and services beyond the original plans that will keep them healthy and connected to the community. These alternatives to traditional care—from coverage for medical equipment that will alleviate a health issue to community support services—provide an individualized plan to assist members achieve better health outcomes.

Beginning March 3rd, enrollees of the three One Care plans will be able to contact me at HCFA for information regarding their plans. I join HCFA with past experience working with adults and children with disabilities through arts education programming that addressed programmatic and physical accessibility issues. I’m excited to bring my experience to HCFA and the One Care program. Plan participants can reach out to me with any questions or concerns by phone at 1-855-781-9898 or email at help@onecareombuds.org

I look forward to hearing from you!

Carla Wahnon
HelpLine OneCare Ombudsman