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HCFA Launches I ♡ MassHealth Campaign

HCFA Launches I ♡ MassHealth Campaign

March 18, 2015

Join the I MassHealth Campaign!

I Heart MassHealth because it has provided me and my family with continued access to health care

Sharing people’s stories is a compelling way to demonstrate the importance of the MassHealth program and make complex health care policies easier for people to understand and relate to.

Today, we are launching the I Heart MassHealth campaign. We are collecting statements and photos that bring to life why MassHealth is a critical program for the health of millions of the Commonwealth’s residents. Here's what you can do to particpate:

  1. Please download this template to share your story with us and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Write in why MassHealth matters to you. Include your first name and hometown for an even more effective message.
  2. Take a picture of yourself holding your sign! We will be posting these photos to our Facebook page and sharing them with Twitter. If you are not comfortable showing your identity, feel free to keep your face out of the photo.
  3. Email your photo to us at iheartmasshealth@hcfama.org.
  4. Invite your friends and colleagues to participate as well.
  5. Track the I MassHealth campaign! Look for your picture and learn why MassHealth matters to others by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

I Heart MassHealth because they provide services for children with mental health difficulties

Personal stories are the most powerful tool we have in our fight to protect and expand access to quality health care. Thank you for sharing yours.

                - Suzanne Curry