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HCFA Presents on Quality at Western New York Conference

HCFA Presents on Quality at Western New York Conference

October 5, 2007

Earlier this week, I attended a conference of the P2 (Pursuing Perfection) Collaborative of Western New York. This collaborative is one of 14 regional efforts across the country to receive funding through Robert Wood Johnson’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative.

The conference was one of the initial steps to bring together stakeholders across Western NYS to align work and combine resources to effect change in the health status of residents. It was exciting to learn about great work taking place there and to hear their hopes for the future. The conference had 3 tracks: consumer, provider and employer.

Debra Ness, director of the National Partnership for Women and Families, was the consumer track leader. She opened with a talk on quality and transparency and a focus on what is happening nationally and why it is important to activate consumers. I spoke in the second session to give a state perspective, talking about what is happening in Massachusetts on quality and how HCFA is working to develop consumer advocates and educate the public. The third session gave a local perspective updating efforts in Greater Buffalo.

There were inspiring and informative keynote speakers. It was a great opportunity to step outside of the MA quality world and be reminded there is important quality improvement work taking place across the nation. Whenever we travel to present on our quality initiative, we tell consumer advocates that HCFA is happy to be a resource to involve consumers. Attending a conference like this one is a reminder that we can learn from others, no matter how far along they are in their work. It is thrilling to know we are all working toward the goal of a nationwide consumer movement for better quality care.
Deb Wachenheim