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Health Reform Implementation: Let Us Now Praise the Romney Administration

Health Reform Implementation: Let Us Now Praise the Romney Administration

May 24, 2006

Regular readers will recognize our non-reticence in taking the Romney Administration to task whenever we think they're wrong. So let's give credit where credit it due. Today, Dep. Medicaid Director Stephanie Anthony gave a presentation at the Blue Cross Foundation on executive branch implementation of health reform (Chapter 58). Bottom line -- lots and lots of difficult implementation challenges and the professionals at the Executive Office of Health and Human Services are doing a darn good job keeping this huge challenge on track. Click here for the powerpoint presentation on Chapter 58 implementation as well as issues related to implementation of the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

See the presentation for lots and lots of details. Here's just one snippet:

July 1, 2006. About 16,000 uninsured children will begin enrolling in MassHealth. Another 12,000 very low income unemployed adults now on a waiting list for the MassHealth Essential program will all get enrolled. Meanwhile, more than 600,000 low income MassHealth adults will have coverage restored for dental services, dentures, eyeglasses, and more.

Health reform critics -- right and left -- can throw whatever sticks and stones they want. 632,000 poor folks are hands-down winners on July 1, 2006 because of Chapter 58. In our book, that's worth celebrating. And anybody and everybody who helps make this happen deserves our praise.