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Health Trends Report released: Common Health for the Commonwealth

Health Trends Report released: Common Health for the Commonwealth

October 22, 2008

The Massachusetts Health Council held an event at the State House this morning to announce the release of their 2008 report Common Health for the Commonwealth: Massachusetts Trends in the Determinants of Health. The report, which tracks health outcomes and the impact of prevention in health, was described as vital to making key policy decisions that impact the lives of Commonwealth residents and holistic with its inclusion of a wide spectrum of policy areas. The report also suggests that negative health indicators (increase in deaths from domestic violence, asthma, obesity in adults and children, decreases in access to dental care and more) are very costly to the state’s health care system but are all preventable. Several program speakers expressed their gratitude of Governor Patrick’s commitment to funding prevention efforts and Commissioner Auerbach’s (who attended and spoke at the event) commitment and responsiveness to all health issues. Senator Moore (D-Uxbridge) and Representative Koutoujian (D-Waltham) spoke about the report’s importance in setting Beacon Hill’s health care agenda and the Massachusetts Health Council’s role in creating a strategic plan for tackling many of the indicators mentioned in past reports.

The report enlisted the research and work of several leaders in health policy including HCFA’s Brian Rosman, who authored the section on access to care. The Massachusetts Health Council is a non-partisan state coalition made up of other non-profit organizations, consumer advocacy groups, government entities, and private companies.

Check back for a link to the report once it is available online.

Jessica Hamilton
Policy Associate