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Health Wonk Boot Camp (aka Cost Trends Hearing) Update - In Tweets!

Health Wonk Boot Camp (aka Cost Trends Hearing) Update - In Tweets!

October 6, 2014

Monday was Day One of the Health Policy Commission's 2-day Cost Trends Hearing, long dubbed "Health Wonk Boot Camp," by, well, us, back when it was 4 days long.

This year's festival is being held at a packed - standing room only, literally - Suffolk Law School. But for those who can't grab a seat, you can now watch online, through a live streaming feed. The live feed can be accessed Tuesday, starting at 9:00 am, on the HPC's home page, mass.gov/hpc.

We particularly encourage you to tune in or attend live on Tuesday morning, because at around 10:30, HCFA Executive Director Amy Whitcomb Slemmer will offer her remarks to the Commission.

Monday's sessions had a number of interesting presentations and a few sparks of real back-and-forth. Governor Patrick made news by announcing that the added cost to the state for the rebuild of the Connector web site and enrollment technology was $26 million. This is a tiny fraction of the claim of the cost made by the Pioneer Institute. Details are in the State House New Service story.

Martha Bebinger reported in on the hearings to WBUR's Radio Boston today, covering the Governor's announcement about the costs of the new Connector web site, progress on meeting the cost trends benchmark, Blue Cross' response to the Partner's acqusitions, and if prices will go down, or just grow slower. Listen below:

But the best coverage came through twitter, where the hashtag #CTH14 brought us snippets of reporting from the Commission and a number of observers. To get the flavor of the day, check out our curated stream-o'-tweets:


  - Brian Rosman