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Health Wonk Review #7 -- and a Review of Right Wing Blogs on MA Health Reform

Health Wonk Review #7 -- and a Review of Right Wing Blogs on MA Health Reform

May 23, 2006

The new Health Wonk Review is up and available, full of links to lots of interesting commentary and perspective on recent developments in the parallel universe of heath policy. Click here to reach it.

Favorite entry: a website called the Lucidicus project ("Selected Writings on Capitalism in Medicine" -- from a pro-capitalist perspective) provides a useful overview of conservative critiques of MA health reform. Its thesis -- because MA reform was bipartisan, commentary avoids the stale Democratic/Republican dichotomy and actually focuses on the opposing world views of free market forces: "The result is that the controversy between supporters of big government and supporters of limited government actually gets heard for a change."

Click here and enjoy.

I think I've said this before, and allow me to repeat. This MA health reform law passed in April has provoked one of the most interesting sets of political splits I've ever seen. The right is split down the middle; the left is split down the middle; and the center seems to like it as long as it can be made to work responsibly and well.

Help me out -- have you ever seen a significant policy issue play out in this way? I can't.