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Helpline Hears from Hundreds of MA Residents in Fear of Losing Coverage

Helpline Hears from Hundreds of MA Residents in Fear of Losing Coverage

July 15, 2009

Since the Connector Authority sent out a letter to legal immigrant members last week, the Health Care For All HelpLine has received hundreds of inquiries from people who are deeply concerned they are going to lose the coverage the are eligible for and enrolled in. Here are some of the people we have heard from over the past few days and what they are telling us:

Deisha says her parents in North Chelmsford both have high blood pressure and her mother also has sleep apnea. They have been very happy with their health coverage on Commonwealth Care and are scared to lose their coverage now. Deisha’s parents have been green card holders since 2008. Ina, a Milford resident, called us about her 61 year old mother, Juzefa. Juzefa has arrhythmia and is taking medication for her condition. She takes good care of herself, exercises, and goes to her doctor regularly. She has been very happy with her Commonwealth Care coverage and having gotten her green card about two years ago, thought everything was perfect. Now, after receiving the notice that she could lose her coverage, she is very worried about what these changes will mean to her health. Her family wishes it had the money to buy her private insurance, but they don’t. Juzefa came to live with her daughter and her family from Lithuania and was very proud to be settled in a progressive state that saw health coverage as a basic human right, but is now really upset in this change in policy. Iva from Beverly is the mother of a young baby and wants to make sure she stays healthy for her child’s sake. Iva has been paying for her Commonwealth Care coverage and has been pleased with the care she has received. She is very worried about what kind of care she will be able to afford if she loses this coverage. Iva has had her green card since March 2009.

You can learn about one more of Health Care For All’s HelpLine callers in this morning’s Globe. Click here to read Eugenio Hernandez’s story. Please ACT NOW to protect coverage for Deisha’s parents, Juzefa, Iva and 30,000 other Massachusetts residents at risk of losing CommCare. Call your State Senator and Representative to urge them to maintain Commonwealth Care coverage for all eligible residents!

  • Learn more about the issue here and here.
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  • Find out how many residents are in jeopardy of losing coverage in YOUR TOWN here.
  • For more information contact Suzanne Curry at scurry@hcfama.org. If you or someone you know needs assistance please contact the HCFA HelpLine for support. Call at (800) 272-4232 or click here for our online HelpLine service.