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HelpLine Online -- The Requests Keep on Coming

HelpLine Online -- The Requests Keep on Coming

April 26, 2005

Just about a year ago, HCFA's Consumer Helpline began answering online requests for assistance. If you know anyone in need of free advice about their health coverage options, feel welcome to refer them to our Helpline -- phone or email. Meanwhile, here is a small sample of email requests for help our great HelpLine counselors answer every day:

"I am 64 and work full time but have no insurance. Company I work for does not offer it. According to MassHealth, I do not quality for their coverage."

"I am a Home Health Care Aide. We have insurance but it is too high for us girls. They want $75 a week and we only clear about $300 every two weeks. The state places to go to are filled up or a 4 month waiting list. I am on HTC for high blood pressurre and have had to cut back on medication because I can't afford it, and I haven't been to a doctor in over a year. We need your help."

"I work two part time jobs which equals to 40 hours a week. I do not qualify for insurance at one because I don't work enough hours. I do qualify at my other job but they take $150 our of EVERY paycheck which is biweekly. That is more than I can afford. I recently had to spend the night in the hospital and now I have significant medical bills as a result. While I qualify for partial free care, I am one of those people who doesn't make enough to get insurance but makes too much to qualify for state help."

"Currently I have a condition that the doctors can't diagnose without an ultrasound, but the cost to me and my family would be prohibitive. The urologist guessed the condition would resolve itself (though he wanted the ultrasound to make sure). I didn't schedule one because of the costs involved, so I've waited two months. The condition hasn't improved so I really need an ultrasound and a correct diagnosis. I simply can't obtain this procedure without assistance."

"Married senior citizens with combined income of $2400/month. We are paying 1/3 of our gross income for supplemental health insurance...are we eligible for help?"

"My employer is deducting health insurance from my paycheck every week. I have not had health insurance for seven months. I keep asking my employer and he has a different story every month. I am 57. What are my options?"

And what are our options to fix this immoral and inhumane system that places individuals and families in these circumstances? At HCFA, we're doing our best -- check out our Reform home page. Please get involved today!