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Honoring John Auerbach - and For The People

Honoring John Auerbach - and For The People

March 26, 2013

Last week we celebrate the accomplishments of Distinguished Professor and former head of the Department of Public Health John Auerbach by creating the first ever “John Auerbach Community Leader Award.” John’s work is nationally recognized and has improved the lives of countless residents of Massachusetts. He reminds us that sustainable health care reforms require collaboration between public health officials, consumers, advocacy organizations, and all other sectors of our society.

Auerbach and Amy

His accomplishments are too many to list in a blog. But it’s worth mentioning just a few highlights.

Under his leadership the Public Health Commission and the DPH navigated and thoughtfully addressed some of the most serious health issues facing the Commonwealth’s residents while at the same time – doing so during difficult budget cuts and shrinking budgets.

John navigated the State’s response to the AIDS epidemic at its peak by speaking openly and honestly about the challenges, initiating common-sense interventions like needle exchanges and fighting for much-needed Medicaid coverage for the poor and the underprivileged.

John was instrumental to the implementation of the strongest tobacco control regulations in the country.

On April 10th at our annual event For The People we will award Monica Escobar Lowell of UMass Memorial with the “John Auerbach Community Award.” We hope that you join us on this joyous occasion.

-Ari Fertig