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Individual Mandate Is Not a Winner in NH

Individual Mandate Is Not a Winner in NH

December 25, 2007

Honestly, it was with some surprise that we saw Hillary Clinton and John Edwards robustly embrace an individual health insurance mandate before it even had been road-tested in Massachusetts, on both the policy and political fronts. Obama was more cautious, advancing only a mandate for parents to cover their children. Crosstabs in the Globe's new poll on the New Hampshire race perhaps show why. The notion of an individual mandate is far from a slam dunk among 410 New Hampshire Democrats. Click here for a fuller set of numbers.

Should individuals be required to purchase health insurance?
Yes: 35
No: 54
DK: 10

Yes numbers rise when the question is paired with provision of income based subsidies for lower income. But that's not how the question is getting played on the road. Could this have anything to do with Obama's recent surge (more than Oprah)? Beats us. But it bears watching.