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It Works! - Saturday Afternoon Update on Connector/MassHealth Open Enrollment

It Works! - Saturday Afternoon Update on Connector/MassHealth Open Enrollment

November 15, 2014

Here's the latest from the state's Health and Human Services office:

Good Afternoon!


Today is an exciting day, as it marks the launch of the new MAhealthconnector.org website. This morning at 7:35 a.m., the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange went live. We are happy to report that consumers are moving through the system, being determined eligible for coverage, shopping, selecting, and enrolling in plans. No major issues have been reported and the website is stable.


Since we went live, 2,117 people enrolled in MassHealth coverage through MAhealthconnector.org. Over the same time period, 1,923 have been found eligible for a Health Connector plan. 477 of these people have already shopped and selected their plans. The remainder need to complete the shopping, plan selection and enrollment process.


In total, so far today, the website has determined 4,040 people eligible for Affordable Care Act coverage.


As of 1:00 p.m., 780 people were on the website at the same time, including 300 who were anonymously browsing and 480 people who created accounts, a first step toward being determined eligible for coverage, selecting and enrolling in a plan.  The Massachusetts Operations Command Center has more than 100 IT, policy and business operations officials closely monitoring the website and call centers. The Health Connector's call center, which is open today and tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., is currently experiencing high call volumes. We are excited that there is early interest in Open Enrollment and are working to bring in more staff to help meet demand.

And see WBUR's report from the opening this morning, including this great picture from the command center at launch time (photo credit: Rachel Paiste/WBUR)