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John Kitzhaber's Archimedes Movement

John Kitzhaber's Archimedes Movement

September 24, 2006

For 20 years now, John Kitzhaber has been one of the most interesting individuals in U.S. health policy. An emergency room doc, Oregon State Senate President and two-term Governor, he was the force behind the Oregon Health Plan which combined a major expansion in Medicaid eligibility with a priority list of services that would -- and would not -- be provided to Medicaid enrollees.

Kitzhaber's on a new kick now -- to get federal agreement to give Oregon all the dollars spent on health services in the state (Medicare, Medicaid, lost revenue from tax deductibility of health insurance, and more) and allow Oregon to develop a whole new system from the ground up -- details of that to come after permission for the dough is granted.

On many levels, sounds screwy, and on another level, makes huge sense. Judge for yourself -- click here to visit Kitzhaber's Archimedes Movement website.

Kitzhaber also has a web-flick outlining the principles behind the new effort. Click here for the 1:36 youtube preview. Click here for the piece on the Health Partnership Blog that links you to the entire 44-minute video.

Any of our readers have any takes on this? Is anyone booking Kitzhaber to come to town? Should we check this out? What do you think? Want to know more???