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Jon Stewart, Of Course

Jon Stewart, Of Course

November 7, 2013

Jon Stewart talks about who is telling the truth about the ACA

Last night Jon Stewart, of course, put the latest newsblork in the proper context. Go watch it.

One more thing that should be mentioned in this whole "if you like your plan, you can keep it" thing is the disruption that chapter 58 caused to private health coverage in Massachusetts. Lots of people with substandard plans (remember MEGA Life? We still do) had to change their coverage in 2007 as part of the introduction of minimum creditable coverage (MCC) - specifying minimum benefit levels to meet the individual mandate. A lot more people's coverage was disrupted in 2009, with the additional requirement that prescription drugs had to be included as part of MCC.

Yet Massachusetts seemed to take it all in stride, even though there was (and still is) serious opposition to the prescription drug requirement. Nobody was accused of any bad faith. There were no accusatory hearings or posturing, just some bills filed that die in committee every year.

Like I said, go watch this.
-Brian Rosman