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Legislature Overrides Gov. Romney on Health Care Vetoes

Legislature Overrides Gov. Romney on Health Care Vetoes

July 21, 2005

Thank you, House and Senate, for overriding Gov. Romney's vetoes of important health care issues in the FY06 state budget.

First, the House and Senate overrode the Governor's vetoes of affordable premiums for the Children's Medical Security Plan. CMSP provides primary and preventive care services for kids who can't get family coverage or MassHealth. High premiums imposed in 2003 discouraged many lower income families from enrolling kids in CMSP. Thanks for Rep. Steve LeDuc, Rep. Kathy Teahan, and Sen. Tom McGee.

Second, the Legislature rejected language inserted by the Governor to require low-income elderly and disabled legal immigrants to hit up their sponsors before qualifying the MassHealth assistance. Thanks to Rep. Byron Rushing, Rep. Tony Cabral, Rep. Anne Paulsen, Sen. Montigny and others.

Both of these vetoes are reasons why the health access community is less than fully trusting of the Governor's health reform assurances. If we can't count on the Governor to do the right thing on these issues, why should be rely on him on the host of other related issues? Good question....