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Let Scott Brown Know What You Think

Let Scott Brown Know What You Think

July 27, 2011

Last week, we called on Senator Scott Brown to come down on the side of protecting Medicaid and Medicare in the ongoing budget and debt fights. The Globe had reported that Senator Brown "hasn’t yet taken a firm position. ‘Senator Brown is reviewing the various proposals that are out there,’ said spokeswoman Marcie Kinzel.”

Nothing's changed. Your calls and emails are still critical.

The Blue Mass Group blog has pointed out that Senator Brown has still not taken a position on the debt ceiling alternatives:

From today’s Globe story on the ongoing high-stakes debt ceiling negotiations:

Senator Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican, declined to comment on the plans.

“It’s changing by the hour,” he said of the discussions. “My position hasn’t really changed.”

What is his position? Another BMG post quotes yesterday's Globe story:

Senator Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican, has remained noncommittal on whether he supports either Reid’s or Boehner’s plan.

“Senator Brown is reviewing both of the proposals that were released earlier today,” spokesman Colin Reed said in a statement. “He remains hopeful he will be able to vote for a reasonable package that cuts spending and prevents our nation from defaulting on its obligations.”

If you can get through, Senator Brown's office number is (202) 224-4543; or you can use this online form to send a message to his office.
-Brian Rosman