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The MA Individual Mandate and National Politics

The MA Individual Mandate and National Politics

November 25, 2007

Also in today's NYT, don't miss the article -- click here -- exploring the implementation of the individual mandate and the implications of our work for national policy and politics.

Ann F. McEachern, 33, a waitress and student who lives in Cambridge, said she did not buy insurance this year but probably would in 2008. “The penalty in 2007 wasn’t enough to kick it up to the top of my priority list,” Ms. McEachern said. “It’s always nice to be insured, but I think I’m at pretty low risk for anything happening to me that would be financially devastating.”

Though officials do not yet have data to determine who the remaining uninsured are, they assume many are in the group they call “the young invincibles.”

“At 27, it’s not like I’m thinking, ‘Oh, man, what if I need an operation down the line?’ ” said Samuel B. Hagan of Lenox, a courier who remains uninsured. “Furthest thing from my head.”

For better or worse, the nation is going to keep a close eye on how we do implementing this. Rightly so...