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Mass Health Reform "jeopardized by ascension upbeat tending costs"

Mass Health Reform "jeopardized by ascension upbeat tending costs"

April 5, 2009

This is bizarro-funny.

A blog takes Kaiser's public domain health news, and I think round-trip auto-translates it into another language and back into English. Or something. I don't know, but it's amusing. Here's an example (source):


“By tackling outlay at the aforementioned instance as access,” the Obama brass and congressional lawmakers “have prefabricated their semipolitical contest more difficult,” the New royalty Times reports.

According to the Times, the exclusive “real-life help in this land for the category of comprehensive modify existence thoughtful in Washington” is Massachusetts’ 2006 upbeat shelter law, which has helped the land attain near-universal news but could be jeopardized by ascension upbeat tending costs.

The Times reports that Colony lawmakers in nonindustrial the organisation definite to “decouple admittance and cost, and to care prototypal with concealment the uninsured.” In past interviews, grouping participating in crafting the accumulation said that deferring decisions on outlay containment was needed to accomplish a consensus on the individualist news mandate. saint Dreyfus, chief evilness chair of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, said, “When you move conversation most cost, you create winners and losers and that leads to a semipolitical challenge.” Current efforts by land lawmakers to compel curb costs, including a offering to modify the physician commercialism system, module more earnestly effort consensus on the law, “but the adventure is that stakeholders are today so endowed they cannot backwards away,” the Times reports.

According to the Times, the “times and the persuasion are assorted in Washington, where the ceding has destined both parties that outlay containment cannot wait. But by addressing costs and admittance simultaneously, the White House and legislature venture alienating key welfare groups from the get-go.” Jon Kingsdale — administrator of the Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority, which oversees the state’s supported upbeat news information — advisable that legislature transfer governing that would modify news and assign outlay containment decisions to a commission. He said, “The construct is to ordering improve in whatever artefact to do the rattling hornlike thing, which is expanding access, before we do the nearly impracticable thing, which is containing costs. We don’t poverty to modify up retentive 50 meg uninsurable captive to outlay containment.”

John Sasso, a Colony semipolitical contriver who represented the state’s maximal underwriter and maximal infirmary meshwork during word of the Colony law, said, “My undergo has been that if you move discover disagreeable to organisation the amend organisation you module fail,” adding, “The content has got to be to care with every the levers that change outlay and admittance and calibre but to not beat in some of those areas. Everybody had a destined domain but not so onerous, not so thickened on the face end, that it would drive grouping to retrograde establishment in the individual of concealment everybody”